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                                        Stop Limiting God In Your Life

Many times people put limits on God and as a result they do not receive what they could receive from Him. There are three ways that people limit God. Sadly, many people do not even realize that they are limiting God.

The first way that people limit God is by not accepting or believing that He is able and willing to do what He said He would do. The Bible contains many clear promises from God. Each of us has free will to believe or not believe and If you don't believe that He can or that He will, you will not receive from Him.

If you don't want to limit God in your life, then start by accepting that His promises in the Bible are true. He is very willing and very able to perform what He said. We receive His promises when we believe His promises.

Another way of limiting God is by telling Him exactly what He needs to do and how He needs to do it. Some people don't even realize just how arrogant and irreverent they are. They say things like, "God, you just have to do this right now", or "God I need you to give me this amount of money by midnight tonight.

Imagine going to the dentist and telling him exactly what he needs to do for you, how he should do it, and how much time it should take for him to complete the job. Just walk in, give him his orders, and never allowing the dentist to have the freedom to do what he is an expert at. Wouldn't that be arrogant of you?

Now I understand that when we pray we need to give God our specifics requests. I also know that the Bible teaches us to go to God holding nothing back; to tell Him all that is on our heart, even if it is negative. But we still need to show reverence to God Almighty, don't we?

If we really believe that He can and will help us, then we do our part, which is to ask and believe. We may at times go to God in prayer, upset and discouraged, pouring our heart out to Him, But then we need to let Him do His part, which is to provide, however He sees fit to do it.

Too many times people put God in a box and tell Him exactly how and when He needs to do something. The Bible says, "Let your requests be made known unto God". It doesn't say anything telling God how He is supposed to do it!

The third way we can limit God in our lives is by feeling unworthy. Countless Christians, because of guilt and condemnation, do not feel worthy to let God know their requests. They do not believe that God would do anything for them because of their past sins, and thus, they limit God in their lives.

Let's get honest for just a moment. Who in and of themselves is really worthy to receive blessings and favor from God Almighty? Who has lived such a perfect life that they are worthy of receiving the promises from the Creator of the heavens and the earth?

None of us are perfect; we all fall short and we all sin. But Jesus Christ has paid the price for all sins. Because of his accomplished work, and since God has raised him from the dead, we have forgiveness of our sins.